December 10, 2015

Girl Charlee Knitriffic Blogs :: What Katie Sews

Our December Knitriffic Blog features What Katie Sews, written by a very talented sewist from North London. On her blog, Katie shares her experiences as she builds her handmade wardrobe, one garment at a time. She works with all different materials (both knits and wovens) and creates a wide assortment of projects including pants, dresses, swimwear, and more!

One of my favorite things about this blog is that Katie shares sewing tips with her readers, many of which are focused on saving time while sewing. For instance, in her post Tips To Save Time On Fitting, she reviews 5 different ways she has found to save time on the fitting process that don't deter from the fit of the final garment. Katie also wrote a post for Lazy Sewist Tips: What's Worth The Effort And What Isn't. Here she reviews many different sewing elements that she considers being worth or not worth taking the extra time to do when you're in a time crunch to finish a project.

Katie demonstrates on her blog that a handmade wardrobe is both very doable and a lot of fun to put together. If you're looking for sewing tips, inspiration, and project ideas, What Katie Sews is the perfect blog to check out!

If you have a favorite sewing blog let us know all about it in the comments, or email and we might feature it in our next Knitriffic Blogs post!

Happy sewing!
~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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