January 31, 2017

Tutorial Tuesday :: Girl Charlee Fabrics Lacy Ruffle Heart Pillow

We have created a cute Lacy Ruffle Heart Pillow tutorial for your Valentines Day sewing!  You can easily sew up your own pillow with this free tutorial with printable heart template.  Shop from our vast selection of half yards available at Girl Charlee Fabrics, or use your smaller pieces for this great stash busting project.  We have been having fun making them with vegan leather, and you can see our Customer Service Manager Rachel below is a big fan.  Enjoy!



Step 1 – Cut your fabrics

Take your three different fabric pieces and fold them in half, selvedge to selvedge. Fold your assembled heart pattern in half and place folded side on edge of folded edge for each fabric and cut out heart shape.

For the stretch lace cut two strips 2 1/2” wide across the width of the fabric from the folded edge to the selvedge for the ruffle pieces. Cut off the unusable selvedge edges from each strip.

Step 2 – Ruffle the lace edging

Using your overlock machine change your needle (two left dials) and the differential feed to the highest settings.

Fabric Tip: Since the lace is a lightweight fabric, I used slightly lower needle tension than the highest setting so it would not be too ruffled (for the Janome 1100D it was 5 for each needle setting).

Run one edge of each lace piece through the serger, overlapping the ends of the two pieces to attach them making one long strip.

Step 3 – Sew Ruffle to Lace Heart

Set your overlock back to your regular serger settings! Put the right side of the ruffled lace together with the right side of the lace heart piece and serge around the outside to attach ruffle to the lace heart.

Step 4 – Layer and Sew Heart 

Lay out the vegan leather heart with right side up. Lay the sewn ruffled lace heart on top of vegan leather right side up with ruffle folded over (as shown on right), 

Lay knit heart over top of leather and lace pieces right side down. Carefully pin around all three layers of fabric, making sure to line up all the edges and not catching any of the ruffled edges! 

Make sure to pin a start and stop points to leave a small opening to turn for stuffing.

Step 5 – Turn Right Side Out & Stuff 

Turn your heart right side out. Take your stuffing and fill to your desired fullness. Fold under and pin the small opening, and with your regular sewing machine sew a scant edge with your coordinating thread to close. COMPLETE!

Because you only need about 1/2 yard of each fabric for this project, I recommend starting your search in our pre-cut Half Yards Category. Below are the 3 fabrics I used in my pillow ::

If you would like to see more suggestions for fabric combination, here are a few of my picks from the store:   
We hope you enjoy this tutorial! We love to see what you sew up so please send 1-2 images of any project you make with Girl Charlee Fabrics to gcblog@girlcharlee.com and you might see your creation featured in our next Knit Picks.

Happy Sewing!
~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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