February 3, 2016

Girl Charlee Fabrics :: NEW Sewing Patterns from The Wolf & The Tree

Girl Charlee Fabrics welcomes our newest sewing pattern designer - The Wolf & The Tree - to our collection of independent sewing patterns! This collection of sewing patterns is designed with simplicity and style in mind. If you've never tried sewing socks or tights before, now is your chance to sew some for the entire family! Customize your socks with your choice of knit fabric in a matter of minutes. Below are a few of our favorites from The Wolf & The Tree, but be sure to shop our entire selection of sewing patterns today!

The Wolf & The Tree
The Wolf and the Tree stands for simple elegance for the sophisticated seamstress. Here you can find straight forward designs with a unique twist for a rewarding sewing experience and beautiful results. We aim to provide you with practical, intriguing and stunning designs - inspired by natural beauty and sophisticated comfort.

Get daring with over knee socks! Make your own see-through or lace stockings in the exact style and fabric you want without worrying about them getting a run! Be a fashionista and accentuate your outfit with the perfect fabric - in just minutes! This pattern is a quick sew and suitable for all sewing levels from Beginner to Advanced by walking you through basic sewing steps, as well as the more advanced technique of French Seams.

Try one of these fabrics: 
The Wolf & The Tree Abby's Trail Blazing Socks Sewing Pattern ::
Soft anklets with lace trimming, peppy knee highs to liven up the school uniform, sweet leg warmers to protect little crawlers' knees and make diaper changes a breeze. This PDF sewing pattern is sure to be an instant stash favorite. It has quick sewing time and fabric requirements as little as scraps with the most beautiful and unique results. Make airy lace socks, warm winter socks from sweaters, add boutique worthy details with trim, accents and buttons. Also included are comfortable Leg Warmers and Bobby Socks!

Try one of these fabrics:

A sewing pattern that is both essential and the icing to any outfit, look and style. As a wardrobe staple these tights are perfect for school uniforms, playground tumblers, little crawlers and everyone in between. Dress up with airy lace tights, bundle up with warm winter worthy pantyhose made from a sweater, you can even add trim to accentuate your one of a kind leg wear. The possibilities are endless!

Try one of these fabrics:

View and purchase these sewing patterns and more on girlcharlee.com! If you sew up any of these patterns with our fabrics please send us images as we would love to see it and you could be featured on our monthly Knit Picks. Email your pictures to gcblog@girlcharlee.com.

Happy sewing!
~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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