November 19, 2015

November Customer Spotlight :: Isis Puente of Mami's Little Muse

Our November Customer Spotlight is about Isis Puente of Mami's Little Muse. Isis's love of sewing all started when her daughter was born premature and she struggled to find cute clothes that fit well. Once she started, she couldn't stop, and so Mami's Little Muse was born. Now her shop is full of various handmade garments and accessories for little ones including leggings, rompers, moccasins, headbands, and more! Here is more about Isis and her company.
About Isis ::

Hi, my name is Isis and I own and operate my Etsy shop, "Mami's Little Muse". The shop name and all of my creations are inspired by my own little muse, Kaili. But what is a "muse" you ask? A muse is your inspiration!! Anything that inspires your work, your thoughts, your happiness- is your muse! I am inspired by my little girl everyday!

She was born a preemie and when we tried finding her clothes- nothing fit! She was too tiny! I started making her little tiny clothes to fit her peanut body and the idea of Mami's Little Muse was born along with it! When you are faced with your child being born premature, the last thing that you should have to worry about is finding her clothes to fit!
My husband bought me my first sewing machine and I instantly fell in love with the way that I felt while I was sewing. It brought me such joy picturing her in the clothes that I was creating! I began teaching myself how to use different machines and learning how to create different styles of clothing. I was in search of fabrics online because my local fabric stores carried a limited selection in the styles of fabric that I pictured, so I started doing research and I stumbled across Girl Charlee. I immediately fell in love with the company and the personnel. I will never forget my first conversation with Rachel! I kept on thanking her for all the help and guidance that she would always provide. I would always ask her to thank Heather for opening this great company and giving us the opportunity of purchasing not only the cutest fabric online-but affordable as well! I started my own business a little bit after learning to create rompers, harem pants, moccasins, and headbands.
Looking back now at all of the obstacles and hurdles I overcame, I feel so blessed and honored to be featured on the Girl Charlee blog! It's definitely a dream come true! Being able to be a stay at home Mom to Kaili and to receiving customer's amazing photos with their little muses in MY creations, truly gives me the best feeling. Not to mention, it’s a great motivator to keep on doing what I love! I am happy to be able to help support my family and be home with my little one. All the pieces from my shop are created, designed, sewed, packaged and shipped by me. My goal is to continue succeeding in expanding my brand. My dream is to make Mami's Little Muse a household name and have children's boutiques.

Visit Mami's Little Muse today and be sure to follow Isis on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive promotions, announcements, and giveaways. 
We hope you have enjoyed reading about Isis.  If you would like to be featured in our next Customer Spotlight post, email and we will get in touch.

~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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