September 10, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday :: Appliques to Sheets with Knit Fabrics

For this weeks Tutorial Tuesday, we wanted to show you some unique ways to use knit fabrics that you may not have thought about!  We partnered up with fellow bloggers Karly Nelson of Paisley Roots and Shala Applegate of Mom & Pop Culture to offer you a couple of different tutorials that use Girl Charlee Fabrics as appliqués and crib sheets.  Comment below on how you use knit fabrics in unexpected ways. Enjoy!
Karly of Paisley Roots wanted to offer a fun sewing tutorial that would be perfect for both her boys and girls so she put together this stellar reverse appliqué tutorial that also includes these FREE stencil printouts. This sewing technique is a great way to create your own fun designs for your little one, by using two contrasting solid fabrics. 
When you sew a straight stitch around each of the cutouts on the back fabric, it's important to start and finish each of these individually. Once they're all sewn up, pinch the fabrics to separate them, and very slowly cut the front fabric to match the outlined shape. I suggest starting with a linear template, like this one, before working with curvy shapes.
Because the two fabrics are layered on top of one another, a light-weight knit, like our Heather Tri Blend Knit Fabric would be perfect. A few of my picks from the store:
Another interesting use for knit fabric is to sew up your own crib sheets, which is exactly what Shala of Mom & Pop Culture did for this great DIY sewing tutorial. She couldn't find crib sheets in the store that matched her nursery, so she decided to use a knit fabrics she loved and made her own.  The project was much easier than she expected, so now she's hoping to make more to swap out seasonally. 
The only notion that you need for this project is about 2 yards of fold over elastic. Sew the FOE on the right side of your fabric, along the edge of your sheet. Be sure to pull the elastic tightly as you sew. This will keep the sheet wrapped around the mattress. 
When selecting fabric for your crib sheets, it is important to pick a soft fabric with a small amount of stretch, like our entire Girl Charlee Collection. A few of my picks from the store:
We hope you enjoy this tutorial and please send 1-2 images of any project you make with Girl Charlee Fabrics to and you might see your creation featured in our next KnitPicks!

Happy sewing!
~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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