August 8, 2014

Girl Charlee Fabrics Knitty News :: Pattern Workshop Review

If you've ever considered creating digital sewing patterns, Lauren Dahl's Pattern Workshop course is one of the most beneficial and thorough instructional experiences you could imagine.  In this comprehensive course Lauren teaches the process of designing, creating, and selling digital sewing patterns. Both aspiring pattern designers as well as experienced pattern designers will walk away from this course with an astounding amount of knowledge.  Lauren holds your hand every step of the way, so that you can produce incredible sewing patterns in no time. In addition, Lauren is offering a $10 discount exclusive for Girl Charlee readers! You can use the code "girlcharlee10" to receive $10 off of your pattern workshop course.
Things to love about this course ::
  • It is extremely thorough as it touches on all of the elements in designing, creating, producing, and selling digital sewing patterns.
  • It is taught in a variety of ways- through video, copy, charts, useable templates, and more. 
  • The Illustrator and InDesign tutorials are invaluable.  Lauren does an excellent job of teaching viewers how to maneuver their way through these complex programs by showing exactly which elements they will need. 
  • There are often many ways to do the same thing which Lauren demonstrates while offering options to suit the users preferences. 
  • Lauren teaches many shortcuts that will make the digital experience much faster and easier. 
My favorite aspect of this course is the resources included. There are several downloadable files that are extremely helpful. Of these files the cheat sheet included in the “Intro to Illustrator (for Beginners)” chapter is my favorite.  This document is an excellent resource for several Illustrator shortcuts which you will use time and again.  In addition to this Illustrator cheat sheet there are many templates and diagrams that I find very useful and I think you will too!
In the video lessons, Lauren records her screen as she demonstrates on it. 
Overall, for the most comprehensive course on creating digital sewing patterns, Lauren Dahl's Pattern Workshop course is absolutely worth checking out.
Happy sewing!
~ Heather and the Girl Charlee Team

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