March 27, 2014

March Customer Spotlight :: Brittany Lipowski of Bizzy B Crafts

We all know what it's like to have a million things on our plate, so we can all relate to Girl Charlee's Customer Spotlight for March, Brittany from Bizzy B Crafts.  Brittany is a full time grad student in New York who somehow finds the time to go to class, work, practice yoga, and maintain her crafting business. Along with our spotlight Brittany is offering 10% off to her store!  You can use the code "girlcharlee14" to get 10% off an order in her Etsy Shop.   Here is Brittany's story.  

About Brittany
I started BizzyBcrafts as a way to release my creative juices. I have been creating since I was little, always able to keep myself busy, which inspired my business name. I've always found such comfort in making crafts, scrapbooks, projects, and other various creative things. BizzyBcrafts was my chance to share my ideas to people all over. When I began, almost a year ago (at the end of this month), I couldn't have guessed that a year later I'd have 700 sales and lots of happy customers. Selling my creations on Etsy pushed me to start making more than just hair accessories, buy better materials, and really put myself out there.
Starting this shop was such a big leap for me and I am so thankful everyday that I took the leap! Going to grad school full time doesn't leave a lot of time for crafting, but it makes me happy and I know I am a better person whn I am doing things that make me happy. I feel blessed to have this experience and to work with companies like Girl Charlee. 

Thank you Brittany for sharing your story with us!!  If you would like to be featured in our next Customer Spotlight post, email gcblog(at)girlcharlee(dot)com and we will get in touch.

~Heather and The Girl Charlee Team

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