October 31, 2013

KnitRiffic Blogs :: Put Up Your Dukes

Do you ever come across a blogger that you just know that you and her would be BFF's if you ever met in real life?  That is how I felt after *meeting* blogger Keight Dukes of the blog Put Up Your Dukes.  Her blog is riddled with the best wit and humor that has me literally howling with laughter most of the time while reading her family stories and even her tutorials.  Her amazing writing style aside Keight has some really creative and useful tutorials using knit fabrics, including her ÜBER popular Braided Infinity Scarf Tutorial seen here.

Keight was kind enough to send me some pictures of some scarves she has made using our fabrics....FEATHERS (swoon).  If you don't want to make one of your own she conveniently does sell them in her Etsy store

 A Double Braided Tutorial also Available!

Another great tutorial that I wish I could have seen when Charlee was little is this Dress Refashion Tutorial: Braided Belt & Shortening a Fancy Hem to shorten and add a stylish braided belt to a girls dress.

I hope you enjoy visiting Keight's blog and please if you try out that Braided Infinity Scarf Tutorial please send us some pictures.

If you have a favorite sewing blog, let us know all about it in the comments or email gcblog@girlcharlee.com and we might feature it in our next Knitriffic Blogs post!

Happy sewing!
~Heather and the Girl Charlee Team