October 17, 2018

Girl Charlee + Janome + Cricut Tutorial :: Team Spirit Knit Scrunchie

The impossible has happened!  Hair scrunchies are back in style AND Miss Girl Charlee herself is a huge fan.  She is also now in High School (aging myself here I know) and her Cross Country running team all love them too.  For a recent team gift exchange, I decided to use some cotton spandex knit fabric, my Janome sewing machine, and my Cricut Maker to whip up some Team Spirit Scrunchies for her to gift.  Instant hit!  Even if using printed knits, or any kind of fabric and leaving off the embellishment, just follow this tutorial and you can put these together in no time!

Open the Knit Fabric Hair Scrunchie project in Design Space.  You will see the fabric rectangle measuring 4" x 20" for the fabric cut that makes up the body of the scrunchie.  You will also see the Jackrabbit graphic laid out on top of the rectangle as an example of how you can add the iron on graphic if you desire.  To add your own graphic just click the Upload icon on the left menu and follow the prompts to upload your design.  Click the "Make It" button to proceed to the mat preparation and layout screen.
Step 2 – Cut Fabric
I made multiple scrunchies at one time, so if you wish to do the same just stick on as much fabric onto your mat as needed to make as many fabric cuts as you would like.  I made two for this tutorial.  Take your knit fabric and cut a rough 12" x 24" piece, iron it (I used my Easy Press as it has such a nice big surface and gets nice and hot).

Next, apply your fabric onto your mat right side down without stretching it.  Remember if you are using any kind of fabric with a fuzzy or nap surface be sure and keep the fabric nap side up to avoid it all sticking to your mat!
Set your material type to Jersey Knit with normal pressure and install your rotary cutter tool.  No need to mirror so start your cut!
Step 3 – Cut Iron On (Optional)
If you want to skip the iron-on vinyl embellishments go to Step 5, otherwise once your fabric cut is finished lay your iron-on vinyl shiny side down onto your cutting mat, SELECT MIRROR, and in Design Space set your material type to Everyday Iron-On, default pressure, and install your knife tool.  Then start your cut.
This was my first project using the Everyday Iron-On and I give it a two thumbs up!
Step 4 – Attach Vinyl to Fabric (Optional) 
Weed out your vinyl graphics and remove from your mat.  With your Easy Press, and Easy Press Large Mat, set your temperature to the recommended temperature and time, and then when ready iron the fabric scrunchie pieces to remove any wrinkles, then iron on the vinyl graphics where you would like them.
Step 4 – Sew Your Scrunchie 
To sew your scrunchie fold your fabric in half down the length and press.  Sew down the length 1/4" from the raw edges, leaving about 2" on each end unsewn.
Next, with a safety pin, pencil, fingers, or turning tool turn your scrunchie back to right side out.  Flatten out fabric by hand with the seam in the middle and facing up. 
Take your elastic piece and clip onto one open end with a clip or pin, and then attach a safety pin and run the elastic through the fabric opening to the other end and secure with a clip to hold it.  Your scrunchie is now starting to look like a scrunchie!

Overlap your two elastic ends about 5/8" and zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to secure the elastic.  It is important to make sure this stitching is secure as there is nothing worse than a scrunchie with no stretch :(  Take the two ends of the scrunchie and match them wrong sides together and clip/pin.  Sew them together end to end and then flip it through so the seam is now inside the scrunchie.
You will have a small opening that you can close by sewing along the scant edge.  Voila, you are done!  

We hope you enjoy this tutorial! We love to see what you sew up so please tag us on our social media #girlcharlee #girlcharleefabrics #janome #janomeartisian #cricut #cricutmaker.

Happy Sewing!
~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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