December 7, 2017

December Customer Spotlight :: Mags of MagSoul

Our December Customer Spotlight features Mags of MagSoul, a trendy handmade fashions and accessories line with pieces that are both affordable to buy and comfortable to wear. As the business continues to grow, MagSoul's product lines continues to develop with more garments being added to the shop frequently. Below is more about Mags and how she discovered her passion. Enjoy!

About Mags ::
Hi, I'm Mags, chief of everything at MagSoul. My journey of making began in 2010, with a broken heart and a glue gun, (thankful for that now!) starting out with feather and flower hair accessories. As my business and my store front changed, I added in tank tops, scarves and skirts. Easy to wear, easy to love is my motto. Whether I was making or buying clothes for my shop, I have always LOVED picking out fabric. One night I was making a skirt, using some different methods to add detail to the sides - I flipped it over and thought- wow, that looks like those turban headbands! So I worked the next several months on the pattern, until I landed on what is now the "KnotTwisted Headband". It's actually neither a knot nor a twist. (I think I'm clever). The pattern and construction technique are my own design - so it's not your typical turban. My headbands are made using soft and stretchy cotton spandex blends, and are washer/dryer friendly/encouraged. The most common thing I hear is "I can't wear headbands except yours" or "they are the only one that stays on and don't hurt!" The way it's worn and how it fits are key.

The combination of the fabrics, like those I buy at Girl Charlee, and my own pattern work together beautifully. I use every bit of the fabric I order. The scarves I make are super comfy cowls combining florals and plaids with soft solid jersey knits. Long tank tops, skirts, baby headbands and hair ties are also on the list of comfy goods. My journey of selling and traveling to markets around the country, eventually brought me to my husband, and true happiness. This maker life has allowed me to both travel and stay home with my almost 16 year old son who has CP, and now my stepsons as well. The Army wife life can be challenging, but being a maker and entrepreneur has taught me to be flexible!

A LOT goes into sewing, designing and then selling online or at markets yourself, but it is my passion. So is supporting other makers and dreamers! I am blessed to have the opportunity to do larger markets now, like Country Living Magazine Fairs. Selling alongside other amazing makers and to shoppers who love and support handmade, are my favorite parts of the job!

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We hope you have enjoyed reading about Mags. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Customer Spotlight post, please email and we will be in touch shortly.

~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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