February 16, 2017

February Customer Spotlight :: Rachel & Julianna of Flybird Apparel

Our February Customer Spotlight features Rachel & Julianna of Flybird Apparel, a beautiful women's apparel and accessories line with many custom designed and handmade creations. These women strive to help you feel comfortable and confident no matter what you are wearing. Their product line currently has many shirts, dresses, sweaters, and more, and we look forward to seeing what is next for them. Below is more about Rachel & Julianna and their growing company. Enjoy!

About Rachel & Julianna ::

In September 2014 our Flybird journey began. Flybird, like many great things, started out as an idea. Quickly, we knew we needed to make this idea a reality, so we got to work. Flybird stands for the good in the world. To be a light, show kindness, choose happiness and be uplifting for yourself and those around you. Our hope is that our company shows you that, when you purchase a tee it is more than "just a tee". We knew we wanted to always give comfortable pieces that could be worn dressed up or down. Clothing that helps you feel confident, beautiful and positive through your everyday moments.

Soon after we launched and much to our surprise, our starting days were busy and growing fast! We knew we needed to continually set ourselves apart. At that time, we had an idea to create our own sleeved tees but we did not have the capability or the means we needed to create it. The original idea of adding patterned sleeves to a shirt kept coming to mind. We prayed for the help to find the resources needed to make this part of our design become a reality. That was the start of it all. The miracle behind the story is everything kept falling into place.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading about Rachel and Julianna. If you would like to be featured in our next Customer Spotlight post, email gcblog@girlcharlee.com and we will get in touch.

~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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