July 23, 2015

July Customer Spotlight :: Emma Oda of Odarling Clothing Co

Our July Customer Spotlight is about Emma Oda of Odarling Clothing Co. When she couldn't find clothing for her little one that matched her style, Emma decided to learn to sew. After cutting up old t-shirts, she bought 1 yard of fabric, sewed it into baby pants, posted onto Instagram, and the requests started flying in! Since then, her company has grown to include pants, shorts, rompers, and more! Here is more about Emma and Odarling Clothing Co.

About Emma ::
Hey there! My name is Emma Oda and I am the mommy maker behind Odarling Clothing Co! I first started this adventure right after my son was born. I found it discouraging that I couldn't find any clothing that fit my personal style to put him in so thought I would give making my own a shot. I called my mom and asked her if she had an extra sewing machine lying around that I could have (she is totally one of those people that just has sewing machines lying around). I still remember her laughing so hard at my request. See, a couple years before that, she had given my three other sisters sewing machines as Christmas gifts and I told her “PLEASE, don't waste money on a sewing machine for me. I will never use it” HA!

I’ve always been creative, and had worked as a hairdresser for years, but in the traditional sense, I was not a homemaker. Cooking, cleaning, sewing? Not for me. Little did I know I was about to make a career for myself. She drove the sewing machine from Utah to San Diego, California and thats where it started. I cut up every old tee shirt in my house and made them into pants for my tiny babe. Then I started buying small scraps to work with. Then I found Girl Charlee. I started off with about a yard of owl fabric, made them into stretchy baby pants and then listed them one at a time on Instagram. Before I knew it, I had more and more requests and we needed to come up with a business name. Inspired by our last name, Oda, Odarling Clothing Co. was born.
Odarling has already grown and evolved so much in the two years we’ve been open and I can’t wait to see where the twists and turns lead me next. It’s grown from just newborn pants to toddler pants, shorts, rompers and soon- tee shirts! I can honestly say that without the affordable, adorable fabric from Girl Charlee, I never would have even begun. The prints were eye catching enough that people kept coming back for more. I actually just got my first whole 30 yard roll in the mail from GC and squealed with delight when the UPS guy showed up with it!
Nothing compares to the feeling I get as I sew, package and send out literally hundreds of items a week. Knowing that thousands of babes are wearing something that I’ve made with my own two hands, here at my kitchen table is so rewarding. I feel so grateful that i’ve been able to build this business doing something that I have grown to love and being able to stay at home with my little boy is the biggest blessing I could ever hope for. I am SO excited for the future of Odarling Clothing Co!

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~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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