April 16, 2015

April Customer Spotlight :: Vienna Goates of Nennie & Nolie

Our April Customer Spotlight is about Vienna Goates of Nennie & Nolie. Learning to sew did not come easily to Vienna, but the more she practiced, the better she became at it. Once she discovered the perfect design for a comfortable, fitted headband, she started her own business. Here is more about Vienna and her company - Nennie & Nolie.

About Vienna ::

I always wanted to learn to sew, so I took a sewing class at a little quilt shop in my college town almost five years ago. I could barely sew a straight line at the time. I was the worst student in the class; I had to unpick everything I did and start over at every step. My teacher was patient and didn't get frustrated (even though I did!) and she made me believe that I could really learn to do it. With each project I tackled (I started with quilts) I learned a little more and became a better seamstress. When I was pregnant with my first baby; I was so excited to make anything and everything I could for her and her nursery. And I've pretty much been sewing every day ever since then. I first started sewing with knits when I was pregnant with my second baby; I wanted to make some swaddle blankets from some cute knit fabrics. The first of many orders from Girl Charlee! After that I decided I could learn to make simple dresses for my tall, skinny toddler, and I started using the scraps to make my first headbands.
I've loved wearing headbands for years, but I always ran into the same problems. I could never find any that stayed on my head without slipping off, or if they did, they were uncomfortable and hurt my head after just an hour or two. I thought I could make some, but I couldn't find any tutorials that I really loved, so I started playing with some ideas to figure out my own design, and voila, my twist headwraps were born. I started selling these and a few other things I made at farmer's markets and then opened my Etsy shop. The headbands started selling like hotcakes so that's what I focused on for the majority of my business. In January of this year I added my little boy bow ties, which are also my own design, simply because I have both a girl and a boy, and I want my shop to have something for everyone.
My headbands are comfortable, stay put all day long, and come in a ton of gorgeous patterns and colors. I am always so happy when my customers tell me how much they love my headbands. People love them for running and working out because they stay on, and they wash up beautifully! They fix any bad hair day, and can be worn with any hairstyle; up, down, long, short; they're for everyone. One of my very favorite aspects of my business is selecting the fabrics that I use for headbands. I get compliments on the huge variety and fun, unique prints that I offer. I love this little business so much and I'm so proud of it. I have a huge passion for fabric and sewing and I'm so blessed to be able to use it to create things that make people happy.

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~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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