March 12, 2015

Girl Charlee Knitriffic Blogs :: Tilly and the Buttons

Our March Knitriffic Blog features Tilly and the Buttons, a UK-based blog all about sewing your own clothes, written by the lovely and talented Tilly Walnes. Full of sewing inspiration, tutorials, and helpful tips and tricks, there is something for everyone in this blog. As Tilly says- "Making your clothes yourself is so much more fun and fulfilling than buying them!" I couldn't have said it better, myself!
In the Learn to Sew category on the blog, there are so many helpful posts for various sewing techniques. Tilly offers a lot of information for beginners, like How to Set Up Your Sewing Machine, but she also helps those a little more experienced with things like Sculpting Scallops. A couple of my favorite posts include Sewing Knit Fabric on a Regular Sewing Machine and Tips for Sewing Sweatshirt Knits. We get asked about these two topics a lot, and Tilly explains both very thoroughly.
Small, handmade businesses are becoming increasingly popular! For those considering starting a crafting business, Tilly's post about Turning Your Hobby Into a Business is a must read. This post has several helpful hints and tips that will make your journey into your new business a lot easier.
If you have a favorite sewing blog let us know all about it in the comments, or email and we might feature it in our next Knitriffic Blogs post!

Happy sewing!
~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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