February 19, 2015

February Customer Spotlight :: Sydney Lund of Lundon Baby

Our February Customer Spotlight is about Sydney Lund of Lundon Baby. Sydney started her business out of a love of sewing for her daughter, and recently has expanded to include clothing for both girls and boys! Lundon Baby is full of stylish knit clothing for kids that stretch and can easily slip on and off. In her shop, you will find the cutest dresses, tees, leggings, and more! Here is more about Sydney.

About Sydney ::

Hello! My name is Sydney Lund the designer and seamstress behind Lundon Baby. I am a wife and mother of one baby girl who is the reason I got into sewing so much. I've always loved creating and started off by hot gluing Barbie dresses together because I didn't know how to sew! I took a few classes in junior high and have self taught from there.

My business has changed a lot since I started it a year and a half ago, but I keep trying to return to what I love most and that is clothing for babies and toddlers. Especially dresses! I have not bought a single dress for my daughter since she was born and I don't plan to ever have to.
I'm excited to pursue adding more boy clothing to my line and have lots of ideas in the works. I love working with knit material because I like my child to be comfortable. I want my customers to feel stylish and hip but not have to lose comfort for it. Most of my clothes can be quickly slipped on and stretched over the head. Who doesn't like to be able to dress their wiggling child without having to make them hold still to do up all their buttons and snaps? Girl Charlee has great quality knits that have the right stretch, weight, and design to make my clothing reach my goals. They are such beautiful fabrics that inspire my creations.
I have had many rewarding jobs in my life but I am always the happiest when I am creating. To be able to help support my family while doing what I love is my biggest dream. I have a seamstress job sewing ties for QP Collections but sewing for myself and my own little business is much more gratifying. Seeing my creations on my daughter and other little ones makes me proud of myself and helps my confidence grow. I'm so glad I found Girl Charlee! I can return to them over and over again to receive great fabrics to better my products for my customers and family. Thanks!

Visit Sydney's WebsiteEtsy Shop, and Instagram @lundonbaby today!
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~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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