June 24, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday :: No Sew Knit Projects

Being on the road and traveling with my children for summer vacations always inspires me to look for crafts and projects that require a minimal amount of materials and can be done most anywhere.  Being as I am surrounded my amazing fabrics all day this weeks Tutorial Tuesday is focusing on some great no-sew projects that really highlight what you can do with fabric without a sewing machine.  From home dec to party decorations to wearable items just grab some fabric and start creating!

No Sew Braided Bracelets by Henry Happened
A definite winner for an upcoming beach trip with my daughter and niece!  A lightweight cotton jersey with a good stretch would be perfect for this project. This is a great opportunity to try mixing unexpected colors and patterns. A few of my picks from the store:
No Sew Fabric Tassel Garland by Prudent Baby
Perfect for summer parties.  Any lightweight, double sided fabric will make for great fabric tassels. If you haven't tried our new Specialty Woven Fabrics, this would be the perfect time to do so. A few of my picks from the store:
No Sew Fabric Panel Wall Art by Bella Dia
I have many of these all over my house, love them!  Any type of fabric would work for these wall panels, so pick your fabrics based on prints, colors, and/or patterns. In Bella Dia's example, each pattern is completely different, but they all have the same color scheme. A few of my picks from the store:
No Sew Pillow Cover by Organize and Decorate Everything
With two kids and a bulldog my pillows get trashed regularly...love this quick fix!  A light-mid weight knit with minimal stretch, like a cotton jersey blend, would be ideal for this pillow cover. A few of my picks from the store:
No Sew Teepee by The Handmade Home
A great project to do with the kids that creates a perfect place to take a break from summer activities and catch up on some reading.  To make this teepee, you need various strips of fabric in all different sizes and colors. A few of my picks from the store:
No Sew Pocket T-shirt by Oh the Lovely Things
Dress up a plain t-shirt in minutes.  A lightweight t-shirt knit fabric, like a cotton jersey, would be ideal for this project. This is your chance to add a personal touch to plain t-shirts, so pick something fun. A few of my picks from the store:
No Sew Vest by One Little Momma
Great for those chilly nights and to show off a great belt.  Any soft, stretchy knit fabric will make a perfectly wearable year round vest. A few of my picks from the store:
We hope you enjoy these tutorials and please send 1-2 images of any project you make with Girl Charlee Fabrics to gcblog@girlcharlee.com and you might see your creation featured in our next KnitPicks!

Happy sewing!
~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

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