June 19, 2014

June Customer Spotlight :: Jessica Oakes of Positively Oakes

There is no greater satisfaction than loving what you do, and that is exactly what Jessica Oakes of Positively Oakes has. Jessica found her true passion and created an entire business out of it. Positively Oakes provides functional, comfortable clothes for children that are still fashionable. In addition to creating, sewing, and selling, Jessica takes part in a monthly Giveback day, where a generous portion of the profits are donated to a charity. Here is Jessica's story.  

About Jessica

Sewing has always been a passion of mine, from the time I was a little girl until today. I remember watching my Grandmother and Mom sew with such ease and thinking I want to do that when I grow up! As I started to learn more about sewing and develop an even stronger passion for creating and designing I set out on my next journey, Positively Oakes. I created Positively Oakes to really focus on comfort, durability and fashion. I was constantly finding the cutest baby headbands and falling in love, but they weren’t comfortable and would leave indentations on sweet babies heads, this gave me an idea! More of an adjustable headband, something that was soft and comfy, yet cute and durable, so after many trial runs and testing we finally created the perfect headbands! Positively Oakes started with headbands and over the last year has added many more designs and products that are just as comfortable and cute (thanks to Girl Charlee & their adorable fabrics!). We started off selling our products on Etsy and have now grown to our very own website recently (a big thank you to all of our customers!). It’s been such a great experience so far, and I am forever grateful and can’t wait to continue to see what happens next! I love creating and being able to do something I am passionate about.
As our business has gained more momentum I have really been able to do something that I am also truly passionate about, and that is giving back. Every month Positively Oakes takes a day that we call our "Giveback" day where we choose a charity or someone in need to donate a large portion of our profits to. I love doing this, service brings such joy to my life and I hope to continue to add more Giveback events to Positively Oakes' future. 
Positively Oakes was definitely a risk at the beginning, and a scary one at that! But I am so glad I took that leap of faith and followed my dreams. It has been an amazing experience and I hope for it to continue to grow and to continue to be able to give back even more and share my passion with the world. Thank you Girl Charlee for all that you've done and helping my dreams become a reality!
You can check out our entire product line at www.positivelyoakes.com
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~ Heather and The Girl Charlee Team

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