May 29, 2014

May Customer Spotlight :: Meg Sievek of Sakatah Colors

This month our Customer Spotlight is dedicated to Meg Sievek of Sakatah Colors.  What once was just crafting personal scarves has grown into a company that produces and sells scarves, maxi skirts, leggings, dresses, headbands, and more.  Meg donates a percentage of every Sakatah Colors sales to funds chemotherapy hats for those battling cancer in nearby communities.  Thank you for sharing your story with us Meg!
About Meg
At the time of starting this little business, I needed a name that meant something to me and that would resonate with my community. Well, why not combine the two forms of therapy that have had deep impact on my life: Exercise and a creative outlet!?!  Where I live in Southern Minnesota, an amazing all-season recreational trail, named the “Sakatah Trail,” runs close to my house. Being a runner, walker and biker the varied and contrasting fall colors along the trail were reminiscent of the yarns I had begun to work with in the Fall of 2012. Which is where this creative little dream began. Sakatah Colors was birthed out of a very difficult time in my life. I experienced postpartum anxiety and chronic migraines after having my first child. Those difficulties continued after my second, and, as a manner of distraction from the difficulty and pain, I dug out my sewing machine and tapped into skills untouched since a very young age.  I found that they came back very quickly but with depth and precision. At that time, starting and finishing a project brought me great satisfaction and joy; not to mention the honor of experiencing someone wanting to purchase my creations.  
And let's face it, here in Minnesota, we are always cold. Ok, I speak for myself. I am half Australian and my husband would tell you that makes me extra sensitive to frigid temperatures. Warm scarves is where I started; and lots of them. Discovering Girl Charlee propelled me into a vision for all season scarves with beautiful bright prints and sweater scarves. Now Sakatah Colors is in a mode of product expansion. We are specializing not only in scarves but also girls’ and women’s Maxi Skirts, babies & girls’ leggings, babies & girls’ dresses, fitness headbands, nursing scarves and more. What a dream! The new summer line will be released soon!  I cannot help but make the little girls’ dresses, the moment my daughter puts them on, she looks at me with eyes that sparkle, twirls and says “ Mom, I am so pretty!” Yes, yes you are honey. Goodness, how could I not make more?!
While Sakatah Colors gained momentum and knowing that I wanted to leave a worthwhile legacy for my wonderful children, I knew the anchor of the business’ existence had to be "giving back.”. I sew for a purpose. We live for a purpose. Toward this end, I have started a project called Hats of Hope. A percentage of every Sakatah Colors purchase funds Chemotherapy Hats for those battling Cancer in the Mankato, MN and surrounding communities.  Girl Charlee offers the softest knit fabrics that are perfectly unabrasive for Chemo Patients’ tender scalps. I organize groups of volunteers from the community who give their time on weekend afternoons to cut, sew and pin Chemo Turbans. These provide warmth and comfort for those in such need. This vision is why Sakatah Colors exists, a passing on of something that would enrich a life.
We hope you have enjoyed reading about Meg.  If you would like to be featured in our next Customer Spotlight post, email gcblog(at)girlcharlee(dot)com and we will get in touch.

~ Heather and The Girl Charlee Team

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