February 14, 2014

February Customer Spotlight :: Keight Dukes of Putapuredukes.com

Girl Charlee's Customer Spotlight for February is my online-virtual-never-met-in-person-bestie Keight Dukes of the hilarious blog Put Up Your Dukes.  I have mentioned Keight before and how much I love reading her stories of family and life as she always put such a humorous spin on it all.  Keight sells her wildly popular braided scarves in her Etsy store while blogging pretty much daily AND taking care of two little ones.  Here is Keight's story.   

About Keight

Shortly after returning to work from maternity leave in the fall of 2009 i decided to leave my other full time job as evening CEO of sitting on the couch and eating cheese while watching TV.  With a 4 month old baby and an epiphany moment that I wanted to do more than just survive the life of a working mom, I needed a new dream and a new after-work hobby.  Out of the blue and with 0.0% experience i decided i would take up sewing (AHA! I chose wisely since i can still sit, watch TV AND take cheese breaks with this hobby!).  It was love at first stitch (did you throw up a little there? me too)...but not really.  It was actually more of a colorful sweat and cuss-fest until I learned about correctly threading a machine.  My bobbin and I have since gone through couples' counseling and are now living happily ever after.

I opened my Etsy shop in the spring of 2010 and sold just a few items here and there with no real direction or game plan--just selling whatever I felt like making.  In the fall of 2011 on a whim, I hacked a popular $45 Pinterest braided scarf and posted the tutorial on my blog and began selling finished scarves in my shop.  HOOO BOY, that did it.  Both my blog and my Etsy shop sort of took off from there.  I now mostly specialize in scarves and my "Big Mommy Giant Beach Bag,"...and cheese of course.

Sewing was the catalyst for a complete life change that took me from passive, worn out mommy just trying to survive until bedtime to an aggressive DIY carpe diem monster. When i am not sewing and blogging I am forcing my kids into hipster outfits and staring at my husband's butt.  I love Jesus, Liz Lemon, and the home decor section of Target.  Can you please pass me that block of sharp cheddar?

Thank you Keight for sharing your story with us!!  If you would like to be featured in our next Customer Spotlight post, email gcblog(at)girlcharlee(dot)com and we will get in touch.

~Heather and The Girl Charlee Team

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  1. We have some of the same "loves" pass the crackers please....LOL