October 3, 2013

KnitRiffic Blogs :: Dixie from Dixie DIY

This month for our Knitriffic Blog feature I have found the most amazing blogger hailing from the creative mecca of Austin, Texas.  Dixie, from DixieDIY.com, lives with her boyfriend Justin and mentally unstable cat Peanut (HAH).  Dixie sews up the prettiest clothes and what drew me to her site was how much she can do with knits.  Check out her 2012-Present Clothing and Accessories Sewing page and you can see that she has got a great handle on sewing with knits.

My favorite is this Breaking the Rules with Anna post that shows how it is quite all right to make certain woven dress patterns with knits!

Another one of my favorite's of Dixie's creations is this Ballet Dress Hack, sort of... that features our White Bows on Black Cotton Jersey Thermal Spandex knit and really showcases how thermals are NOT just for jammies :)

Also check out Dixie's Never Fear Knits Series that has some great techniques on sewing with knits and how easy it really is!

If you have a favorite sewing blog, let us know all about it in the comments or email gcblog@girlcharlee.com and we might feature it in our next Knitriffic Blogs post!

Happy sewing!
~Heather and the Girl Charlee Team


  1. Both cute items! I have been sewing with knits since the 70s and love, love, love working with knits. I sure wish my girls were still little girls; such cute patterns out there.

  2. Hi Rebecca, that is so great!! Thanks for sharing your comments.
    ~ Heather

  3. I am so happy that you posted this! My tween daughter and I have been taking sewing lessons. We had our first lesson with knits last week. While I had an epic fail, my daughter created the perfect skirt! She is 12 and has some true talent for sewing. I need to study your post (: Thanks! Susan

  4. Hi Susan! That is so great that you have been taking lessons with your daughter and she is such a natural. Sewing is such a great skill to have, so many are missing out lol