March 27, 2014

March Customer Spotlight :: Brittany Lipowski of Bizzy B Crafts

We all know what it's like to have a million things on our plate, so we can all relate to Girl Charlee's Customer Spotlight for March, Brittany from Bizzy B Crafts.  Brittany is a full time grad student in New York who somehow finds the time to go to class, work, practice yoga, and maintain her crafting business. Along with our spotlight Brittany is offering 10% off to her store!  You can use the code "girlcharlee14" to get 10% off an order in her Etsy Shop.   Here is Brittany's story.  

About Brittany
I started BizzyBcrafts as a way to release my creative juices. I have been creating since I was little, always able to keep myself busy, which inspired my business name. I've always found such comfort in making crafts, scrapbooks, projects, and other various creative things. BizzyBcrafts was my chance to share my ideas to people all over. When I began, almost a year ago (at the end of this month), I couldn't have guessed that a year later I'd have 700 sales and lots of happy customers. Selling my creations on Etsy pushed me to start making more than just hair accessories, buy better materials, and really put myself out there.
Starting this shop was such a big leap for me and I am so thankful everyday that I took the leap! Going to grad school full time doesn't leave a lot of time for crafting, but it makes me happy and I know I am a better person whn I am doing things that make me happy. I feel blessed to have this experience and to work with companies like Girl Charlee. 

Thank you Brittany for sharing your story with us!!  If you would like to be featured in our next Customer Spotlight post, email gcblog(at)girlcharlee(dot)com and we will get in touch.

~Heather and The Girl Charlee Team

March 25, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday:: DIY Spa Towel Wrap from Centsational Girl

Spring weather is creeping in upon us and visions of pool days and trips to the beach along with it!  To celebrate I found this great DIY Spa Towel Wrap Tutorial from Kate from Centsational Girl.  This would be perfect to use after a dip in the pool, ocean, or at the spa and can be sized up or down easily for adults and children.  All you need is a towel, some velcro, and some patterned knit fabric to boost it to super cuteness!
Don't forget to consider the size of the towel before you begin. Kate recommends that adults look into using bath sheets because they're bigger than bath towels. She does also point out that you should sew very slowly when attaching the velcro. If you go to fast, you might break a needle which is never fun to deal with.
Kate even made a second one for her daughter with straps which I find really adorable!

Pretty much all cotton knits will be the perfect accent on your towel wrap.   I suggest going with a pattern or stripe to make it extra charming.  A few of my picks from the store:
We hope you enjoy this tutorial and please send 1-2 images of any project you make with Girl Charlee Fabrics to and you might see your creation featured in our next KnitPicks!

Happy sewing!

~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team

March 20, 2014

Girl Charlee Fabrics :: March Knit Picks

Welcome to our Knit Picks for March!  Knit Picks is our monthly round up of gorgeous items that our customers have sewn up from Girl Charlee.  We see all these lovely fabrics get cut up and shipped out to their new homes and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the creative projects that our lovely customers come up with.  Thank you to everyone for sharing with us and please keep them coming!

Item:  Knotted Headband and Bib

By:  Mandy Blydenburgg


Fabric: Girl Charlee's Sherbert Feathers on White Cotton Jersey Blend

Item:  Boys Fox T-Shirts

By: Gina Weaver

Item:  Women's Sweater Top

By:  Rachael Schlick

Item:  Crossover Hooded Dress

By:  Beth Cavanaugh,  Beth Being Crafty

Item:  Nursing Scarf

By:  Sara Mihailovich


Item:  Dress and Headband

By: DreamSpun


Item:  Infinity Scarves

By:  Jill Meixi


Item: Julia Cardigan 

Thank you all for the submissions!  If you did not see yours posted here never fear it will be up in a future feature.  If you have not sent us a pic we would love to feature it!   Just email 1 to 2 images of your projects to gcblog(at)girlcharlee(dot)com along with your name for a chance to see it on our next KnitPicks.

Happy sewing!

~Heather and The Girl Charlee Team

March 18, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday:: Color Block Maxi Dress from Morning by Morning Productions

I have been seeing a lot of color blocking recently which gets me very excited as I LOVE the mod feel and look of it!  From bathing suits to tops and dresses, I would color block it all.  Abby from Morning by Morning Productions put together this easy to follow Colorblock Maxi Dress Tutorial that is especially flattering because it provides a lower waistline (YES!) and sweet mini flutter sleeves.  I can't tell you all how much I love wearing maxi dresses. They're so soft and comfortable and, as Abby points out, you don't have to shave your legs (the secret is out!).

To do the flutter sleeves, Abby measured the arm hole (from shoulder to armpit) and in a clever move grabbed a mixing bowl with the same diameter. She traced the bowl, measured in about an inch and a half, and cut it out.

Abby used a cotton interlock for her dress, but most knits with a nice stretch would be perfect. It might be fun to interchange between a funky pattern and a solid too!  A few of my picks from the store:

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and please send 1-2 images of any project you make with Girl Charlee Fabrics to and you might see your creation featured in our next KnitPicks!

Happy sewing!

~ Heather & The Girl Charlee Team